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J. Sterling - In Dreams

In Dreams

By J. Sterling

Kindle Edition Available

Product Description from Amazon
When Katherine Johns starts dreaming about a boy she doesn't know, her college roommate Taylor is determined to find him. Convinced he must exist, Taylor is relentless... until she finds out exactly WHO the mysterious stranger really is.

The realization sends the girls down a path of unimaginable heartbreak as they learn how to navigate their new reality.

Follow Katherine & Taylor's journey through love, friendship and tragedy in this emotionally captivating debut Young Adult novel (suitable for ages 12+).

About the Author from Amazon
     J. Sterling is a Southern California Native who has worked in the entertainment industry for what feels like her whole life. She has worked in radio, commercial casting and most recently for the Walt Disney Company (who doesn't love Mickey Mouse & Disneyland?) and Lucasfilm Animation (Star Wars, anyone?). She holds a degree in Radio/TV/Film and spends way too much of her time drinking Starbuck's Chai Tea Lattes and eating frozen yogurt. Really, can you blame her? :)
     In her spare time you'll most likely find her taking hundreds of photographs or watching a baseball game with friends. She loves to travel, meet new people, see new things, and is generally a ridiculously happy person all.the.time.
     Annoying, right?
     Nah, we think it's pretty awesome.
Jenn enjoys hearing from her readers:
     Website & Blog: http://www.j-sterling.com
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheRealJSterling
     Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RealJSterling

This biography was provided by the author or their representative.

O.Scarlett! REVIEW by Rachel
Aimed at teen readers, this book should be liked by it’s target crowd.  The story has enough romance, teen drama, and mystery to appeal to the younger crowd.
The story was simple, and the book was a fairly easy and fast read.  The author has published updates that have fixed many of the typos and grammar errors, but still there is an immaturity to the book that leaves it feeling somehow flat.  There is action, suspense, romance, mystery ... but no real depth to the action or the characters.
----------  Basic Plot  --------------
Katherine and Taylor are roommates/housemates at a university.  They were instant friends the moment they met.
Katherine begins having the most amazingly real dreams ... about a man she has never met, yet feels like they are destined to belong together, and yet something feels very wrong.  Taylor thinks he may be real, and thinks the whole thing is very exciting.  And then there is Taylor’s best High School friend, Kylie, who seems to instantly dislike Katherine when she comes in for the weekend to visit.
The very day that her dreams begin, she and Taylor meet some amazing young men at a fraternity party that are the stars of the hockey team.  They instantly hit it off.  But somehow, Katherine cannot get past her dream man.  She feels that Cooper is a wonderful man, and he sweeps her off her feet, and his touch burns ... but her dream man keeps coming up between them.
Finally, it is Thanksgiving, and Katherine goes home with Taylor.  There she finds that Taylor is a middle child between two brothers.  The older one was killed in a tragic car accident and also involved his girlfriend Kylie.  A younger brother has been greatly affected by his brother’s death.  You can almost hear the mystery music playing, as the plot thickens.   Katherine almost goes into shock when she sees a picture of her dream man in a picture in Taylor’s room.  And everything takes a downhill spiral.  All Katherine wants to do it sleep, so she can spend time with her dream man.  Cooper is unsure of how he has offended Katherine, and begins to suspect that she has met someone new.
Finally, the 2 couples end up together at Cooper’s Lake house, where things seem to be going right ... until Katherine falls through the ice, and Cooper risks his own life to save hers. 
Now both of their lives hang in the balance and they must decide who lives and who dies and who gets the girl.
This book is outside of my preferred genre, so if Romance novels are your cup of tea, this may very well be a sweet little read.
The fact is that the boyfriend ends up being a dead man – with an eternal connection with Katherine.  They have lived many, many lives together, and loved deeply.  Reincarnation is a big part of this book, as well as how the afterlife and memories work.  The beliefs have an Eastern Mysticism flavor.

Genre/Theme:  Teen Romance, Dreams, Afterlife, Reincarnation
Reading Level:  TEEN - middle school and up
Profanity:  MODERATE - mild words & a few stronger expletives 
Sexuality: MILD - descriptions of affection/desire, there is some kissing and touching 
Other: Rather graphic descriptions of a car accident, ice accident, and a hospital stay

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