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Important update:
Due to busy schedules and life, Tenya and Rachel are currently not accepting reviews, and Kendra is working on clearing out a huge backlog and isn't sure when she's going to get out of it, especially since she keeps adding more books.

However, if you would like to try your luck at getting a review out of her (see her preferences below) you can contact her directly at her email, since she frequently forgets to check the O.Scarlett official inbox. She's much more likely to see and respond there.

Send us an Email
One of our administrators will answer you as soon as possible.

If you are inquiring about a review for your book:
1) You need to be an independent author, not mainstream, and YOU must be the author. We will not accept requests from a publisher or promoter.  We prefer to work directly with the talented souls producing creative work.
2) You must be willing to provide us with a free copy of your book, preferrably in digital format.
3) Please provide all applicable contact information in your email.
4) Provide us with direct links to your book's information on the internet.
       -- We retain the right to refuse requests for reasons of subject matter or high volume of workload --

Book Preferences: 
Tenya prefers historical fiction of any type, but likes most anything except nonfiction.
Rachel prefers Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Futuristic, and Historical Fiction, but not Romance or Mystery.
Kendra likes Children's and YA. She prefers Fantasy, Historical Fiction and some Mystery, but not much Romance.

None of us will review erotica or horror.

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