Kendra is the eldest of Rachel's four children, and the eldest of all her local cousins. While she was a baby, her mother would put audiobooks for her to listen to during her naps, introducing her to the world of reading at an early age. As she got older, her mother introduced her to many more great books as well as fairy tales - not just the common ones, too! She was constantly coming up with stories, often about her crayons, math problems, pictures she was coloring, her shadow, and any odd or end she could find..
     She began devouring books as soon as she was able to read. However, she didn't like writing because it took too long, and she was not very patient. When she was ten, however, she, her sister, and a friend of theirs decided to put on a play - but they needed a script.  Since Kendra was the eldest of the three, and the most adamant about where the plot should go, she was elected to do the actual writing, and you know what? She discovered that writing wasn't so bad after all. They never preformed the play, as she kept changing the plot, and it eventually got so complicated that she had to turn it into a book. Soon, every nook and cranny of her room held notebooks of her writings, as all the other plots and stories began escaping though her pencil.
     At the age of fifteen, she discovered NaNoWriMo, which gave her the incentive to write Sew, It's a Quest in a month, and since she completed the challenge, she was given a free proof copy of the book, which allowed her to self-publish it for free at the age of sixteen. Then she discovered how easy it was to publish to Kindle, and did that as well.
     She remains a voracious reader, and enjoys helping other self published authors, especially teens like herself. She writes pretty faithfully on her blog, Knitted by God's Plan.
     She is currently working on finishing highschool, and plans to get into herbalism. 

Fun Facts about Kendra:

1.  I share a birthday with two famous authors!
2.  I have three huge collections: Nutcrackers (as in the ballet), giraffes, and ladybugs.
3.  I am a better cook than my mother - and she will testify to that!
4.  My pen name is a palindrome.
5.  I have a dip calligraphy pen - and I'm not afraid to use it.
6.  I love knitting and crochet, and I can sew by hand - but I have yet to tame a sewing machine.