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David Earl - Son of Hook

Son of Hook
The Adventures of Peter Pan

By David Earl

Kindle Edition Available

 Product Description (from Amazon) 

There is a new danger in Neverland, the son of Captain Hook! Out to destroy Neverland, and the only one who can stop him is over 80 years old and a world away. Is this the end for Neverland? Or is it the beginning of Pan's newest adventures?

About the Author (from Amazon)

As a child, David Earl of California enjoyed stories of Peter Pan and always wanted to elaborate on them, and here is his vision, The Adventures of Peter Pan series.'Son of Hook' is the first from his extravagant imagination of stories that take you back to where Pan had been and more. 'The Secret of Skeleton Bay' continutes where 'Son of Hook' left off; follow his mind through this series of books and you are sure to not be disapointed in this exciting journey.

O.Scarlett! REVIEW by Kendra

I always love a good classic rewritten. When I saw the description for this book, it intrigued me. A son of Captain Hook who can only stopped by an 80 year old Peter Pan. Sounded like my kind of book.

So I sent it to my Kindle and couldn’t wait to read it.

When I finally pulled it up and read it, I was disappointed. It was a 52 page book, but the author had upped the font size from the normal font size, so it wasn’t as long of a story as what I had expected. Now, the length by itself wouldn’t have been an issue, except that I found no depth. I felt like I was on the back of a frog hopping here and there and trying to hang on for dear life. At the end I had a feeling of, “great summary, now where’s the full book?”

However, the plot itself wasn’t bad. It twisted a bit, and even surprised me sometimes, though I was never at the edge of my seat. The problem was, some of the plot seemed forced, or didn’t quite make sense. For instance, when Wendy’s memory was wiped and she was sent back to normal England … where did she go? It doesn’t quite work out mathematically. And I never did figure out the boys who visited Pan in the beginning … and then showed up briefly a second time towards the end.

There is a sequel, which I have also sent to my Kindle, so maybe that will explain a few of my questions … when I get around to reading it … Somehow, I’m not as eager to read it as I was to read the first book. It’s not too long, however, so I should be able to squeak it in someday …

Note: This is aimed at younger boys, so maybe my 10-year-old boy cousin would have liked this much better than I did. Younger boys don’t care as much for deep character and plot development as much as seventeen-year-old girls. They like action, and this book did have quite a bit of that.

Genre/Theme: Classic rewrite/sequel, children, Kendra's Review

Reading Level: CHILD - children's literature
Profanity: NONE - no offensive language. Or, at least, I don’t remember any.
Sexuality:  NONE - not even hinted at
Other: There is Neverland magic, of course, as well as some sword fighting, but nothing any worse than the original play/story.

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