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C. F. Fruzzetti and M. I. Pearshall - The Pure Energy Project

The Pure Energy Project
(The Whitney Forbes Series #1)

By C. F. Fruzzetti and M. I. Pearshall

Kindle Edition Available

Product Description

SEQUEL UPDATE: Book two, The Light Bringer's Way, will be released August 2012.

It is 1988 and teenager Whitney Forbes thought her biggest problem was surviving high school and determining if there was more to handsome Reid Wallace than just his looks and popularity. She was wrong. Her problems were about to get a lot more complicated.

Whitney always knew she was special. But when she discovers she is more "special" than she ever imagined, surviving another school day outside her posh D.C. suburb takes on a whole new meaning. Caught in the middle of a CIA plot and her undeniable magnetic attraction to Reid, she will need to decide who she can trust and what it means to become the Sundial...before she risks her heart and an alarming plan goes into motion.

Authors Fruzzetti and Pearsall believe YA Saves and Sundial is an epic adventure full of romantic intrigue that questions the bonds of love and trust as well as social and economic issues. It unflinchingly dares its characters to overcome adversity to survive and nothing is quite as it seems in this character driven suspense that has a high intensity ending!

About the Author (from Amazon)

Best friends since childhood, Carolyn Fruzzetti and Meghan Pearsall always knew that they would work together on a creative endeavor. In 2011, they formed Pure Energy Books and released SUNDIAL, the first novel in a young adult series.
Originally from Alexandria, VA, Carolyn currently resides in Arlington, VA with her husband and two daughters. Carolyn has a B.S. in Public Administration from James Madison University and is a professional culinary graduate of L'Academie de Cuisine.
Pure Energy Books is currently working on Book Two of The Light Bringer series, due out Summer 2012.

O.Scarlett! REVIEW by Rachel

In spite of an interesting plot and amazing ending, I was not overly entranced by this book, maybe the teen drama was just too much for this old mother.  But still, I absolutely loved the ending.  Not because it did end, but how it ended.  I actually look forward to finding out how the story progresses, for there most certainly will be a sequel with an ending such as that.

Sundial is set in a “typical” rich school in 1988.  As I read through the reviews on Amazon, I saw this was commented on several times – even those supposedly on the middle class side seemed quite wealthy compared with the people I grew up with – for I was a college student in 1988, and had siblings in high school.  Fashion and product names were slung around like decorations at a party.  From the other reviews, I discovered that I was not the only one that found this distracting.

Basic Plot

The book is written in first person – from Whitney’s viewpoint.   The story opens at the end of a soccer game.  Whitney and Blair are packing up, when Reid comes by and chats with one of the girls.  We discover that there is a lot more to Whitney than a pretty good soccer player – she is part of a special section of the CIA that has plans to utilize the abilities of those with ESP.  She cannot understand the way Reid makes her feel – completely unlike anyone she has ever met with or without ESP.  Not only is Reid the richest boy in the school, and a total hunk, but he appears to have a sudden interest in Whitney.  He is nothing that she has expected and she finds him puzzling and distracting – she determines to keep her distance from him ... but he has other plans.

The story moves along in a teen romance drama fashion magazine sort of way – as Reid and Whitney banter back and forth in a cat and mouse mysterious sort of way.  Neither teen seemed to have parents involved in their lives – they were far too mature for that.  He finally gets her to agree to a picnic on his boat ... yacht really, where the cat and mouse games continue.  But who is the cat?  and who is the mouse?   And why are her fainting spells suddenly back and with  a vengeance?  The two really begin talking, and you get to know these two main characters a little better.

Over the next several chapters, you follow Reid and Whitney and learn quite a bit of Whitney’s history, and the emotions that emerge as she learns new things about Reid.  He has her completely puzzled.  As their relationship continues, more and more questions about Reid and his intentions begin to surface.  There is certainly much more to him that a big boat and a flashy smile and a hot car.

Finally, around Chapter 9, Whitney gets Reid to drive her to see her specialist doctor – about the fainting spells, and sudden return of nightmares.  Hold onto your black BMW seats folks, the story is finally going to get good.  All of the prep work of the proceeding chapters are going to start to come together and make some sense.  Trust me, you shouldn’t just skip to Chapter 9, there is just far too much important information tucked into conversations along the way ... like Reid’s tattoo.

Then the book shifts back to the teen drama romance again ... and things get far more complicated.  Although the undercover secret mission was quite interesting, I’m sure only teens will truly appreciate the relationship nuances that steam up these chapters.

And then the bomb drops, Whitney’s beloved doctor has committed suicide and her date with destiny is being moved up to immanent.  Secrets begin to unravel and time is accelerated beyond safety limits and Reid and Whitey have to learn to trust each other or loose everything.

Don’t plan on doing anything for the next few hours as you finish up this book, because secret plots and espionage, oversea trips, near death, and amazing discoveries are around every new chapter.  The tunnel of love has turned into the world’s most amazing daredevil thrill ride ... can you handle it when it takes the plunge?

Then as the roller coaster rolled in for a smooth stop, I was grinning.  What a ride!

Note:  There is really very little in the book that is blatantly objectionable to most parents of teens.  Children as young as 10 would probably find this enjoyable if mystery /adventure/ sci-fi was their genre of choice.  There is even enough romance in the book to make the young romance novel reader happy.

There is a lot of New Age/ Middle Eastern thought in the book, as well as hinting that man is evolving and Reid and Whitney are part of the new breed of humans.


I reread the book some time ago at the request of the authors, after they had spent time editing and cleaning up the feel of the book. It was well worth their efforts. Then "life" interrupted my efforts to update my review - my apologies to the authors. I did have every intention of getting back to this sooner.

While I did "miss" the edited portions, because they were no longer there but yet I could remember those chapters, everything that was removed was things that I didn't in actuality miss. A few areas now felt a bit rushed, but I think that was more due to the fact that I noticed that portions were removed rather than that they were needed for the plot.

In all, a most excellent rewrite. Gone is the constant teen drama and name dropping, and in it's place a thrilling clean story that will keep you riveted throughout the James Bond roller coaster action and adventure.

I've just finished the second book, which I rediscovered on my Kindle and reminded me that I had not updated this one.
Genre/Theme:   Paranormal, CIA, Adventure, High School, 1980s, Sci-Fi
Reading Level:  TEEN - middle school and up
Profanity: Usually None .... but occasionally leans toward
 MODERATE - mild words & a few stronger expletives  (the text is really quite clean)
Sexuality:  MILD - descriptions of affection/desire   (lots of kissing)
OBVIOUS - blatant sexuality in text, but not explicit  (These scenes are rare, but no sex actually happens – I appreciated that the main characters had to exhibit self control in this area, mostly this is just one chapter)
Other: The last several chapters are very intense – James Bond adventure style, ESP

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    We just came across your review of SUNDIAL and we wanted to offer you
    the most recent/edited version released April 2012 and the sequel/book
    two in the series called THE LIGHT BRINGER'S WAY. As Indie authors,
    we consider the feedback from our readers very carefully and that's
    why we issued a new version of SUNDIAL. We think the new edition
    addresses some of your concerns with the first edition and makes for a
    faster paced read with less distractions.

    Thanks for the review and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Carolyn Fruzzetti
    Meghan Pearsall


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