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M.D. Eyre - Tabnit Gisgo

Tabnit Gisgo
The Gisgo Memoirs Vol. I
by M.D. Eyre

Kindle Edition available

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Here presented for the first time in print- unchanged and, more importantly, uncensored- are the memoirs of Tabnit Gisgo: spy, informer and occasional purveyor of fine wine and figs to the gentry of Athens.

His astonishing recollection of skulduggery, dissembling and lust takes him from the death chamber of Alexander the Great in Babylon to the banks of the River Nile, where a desperate battle takes place that will decide the future of the ancient world…

Oh, and as well as encountering the Great Conqueror himself, in all his power-crazed glory, (along with the voluptuous temple priestess of Nimip, a murderous Macedonian general who wants his blood and one enormous elephant) our scribe also reveals his disgraceful role in the greatest whodunnit of the age.

Tabnit Gisgo: Everything in excess.

O.Scarlett! REVIEW by Tenya

Tabnit charmed me from the get-go, and somewhere between chapter one and chapter five, I realized I adored the old dodger. The author's use of the first person narrative to establish the personality of the title character has been ingeniously implemented. You really fall for the guy as he becomes a strange sort of secret agent in the world of such giants as Alexander the Great and Ptolemy. Could this accidental "spook" be the true driving force behind events as we know them, or don't know them? ... possibly only Tabnit knows for sure.

Wit and humor drive this historical, and at times, hysterical walk through one of the most interesting periods of the ancient world. If you are a lover of history and enjoy masterful use of the English language, then Tabnit Gisgo is a must-read. M.D. Eyre has created a piece full of cultural and historical details which are written to entertain. I laughed right out loud!

Looking forward to the second installment of Tabnit's memoirs, truly hoping that no body parts go a-missing.

You want to be a good student of the English language to read this book.  Mark Eyre is a master of language craft, intermingling ancient words within the text.  (It's all Greek to me...)  An average reader may stall in the midst of the long paragraphs and first person narrative.  Above-average readers, however, should enjoy the playful manner in which these fictional memoirs are developed.  Also, a better-than-average understanding of some ancient history, particularly the life and times of Alexander the Great and the decades following his demise would be quite helpful.

Genre/Theme:  Historical Fiction, Comic, Spies, Adventure
Reading Level:   Mature Teen to Adult
Profantiy:  I would call it toward the higher end of Moderate simply because some stronger profanity is used several times.
Sexuality:  Obvious, but not often
OTHER:  subtle violence and a few adult themes

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