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Aimee Roseland - BAIN

BAIN: the Bar'axus Bridge Chronicles
The Bar'axus Bridge Chronicles #1

by Aimee Roseland

Kindle edition available

Product Description (from Amazon)
Altehr is a plundered world.
It has been stripped of magelight and all that survives of its once luminous past are the glowing ‘purebloods’, Altehrians whose ancestors never crossbred with the travelers.

The purebloods are a dying race. The breedwatchers cannot find a way to replace their Females and fewer are born every generation.
Bain, a forbidden crossbreed, dared to fall in love with one of the rarest of their kind; a pureblood Female of unimaginable power. He suffered the ultimate penalty for his transgression. Soulstripped and cast into the Dark Expanse, Bain found the strength to fight the breedwatcher’s laws and the dictates of the Royal House. He would start a revolution to free his love from the ‘watchers mating decree.

Lyr’ese, the most powerful Female born to their world, fell in love with Bain, the kind young Guard she met amidst the glowing gardens of his Queen’s palace. They shared a few stolen nights during her last unbonded summer; a friendship that, once discovered, would change their lives forever.

Now, years later, they are thrown together again as war erupts within the walls of the very city that started it all. Unable to trust each other after all they’ve been through, they are forced to work together to uncover a traitor before Lyr’ese is returned to the life she despises, and everything Bain has accomplished for his people is destroyed.

This book has approximately 88,450 words and includes a teaser for Vanik: the Bar'axus Bridge Chronicles (Book Two)

O.Scarlett! REVIEW by Tenya

Although this is not a fictional genre I read very much, I'm admittedly a plot junkie. I love a good, enthralling story! From the start, I was pulled in by Aimee's writing and the interesting world of characters she created. After reading the description of the book, I was uncertain if I would like it, but the plot out-weighed my misgivings.

Don't mistake this as merely a sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal romance. "Bain" is much more. It's an adventure-filled, raucous journey into a magical world pulled from the author's imagination, which she has more than adequately painted in words. Under-girded by a plot of twisted political mystery, the story kept me wondering what could possibly happen next. I wanted to discover the true villains and the true heroes enough that I was lying awake thinking about it. Better just to pick it up and finish!

Since this is the first in a series, Aimee Roseland has laid a solid ground-work for the continuing saga of the Bar'axus Bridge Chronicles. I anticipate great things to come!

Admittedly, I'm an over-stimulated visualizer.  I struggled with getting a picture of the characters in this book for some time, but the scenery played like a movie in my head.  This is most probably just me; however, I recommend reading the forward portion of the book carefully as this assists the mind tremendously in getting a clear understanding of the alien species presented in the book.

I could have done without the vampire/blood drinker element that seemed unnecessary to the essence of the story.  I've just come to see that storyline as having passed its prime, but it didn't make me stop reading.  In fact, I enjoyed this book the most of anything I have read in a long time.  I keep reflecting on the characters and wishing I had the next book to read already.  Great job, Aimee!

Genre/Theme:  Science Fiction, Aliens, Romance, Adventure (w/ battles & warfare), Political Intrigue, Fantasy
Reading Level:  Mature TEEN to ADULT (some subject matter)
Profanity:  Moderate (not often, but some strong language)
Sexuality:  Hinted Situations and some Mild Description
OTHER - contains some subtle adult themes and battle violence

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