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Molly Evangeline - Trust

Makilien Trilogy

By Molly Evangeline

Kindle Edition Available

Product Description (from Amazon)

Struggling to cope with the losses of battle, Makilien seeks to live each day in trust of Elohim's plans. As the conflict of hope and reality war in her mind, a sudden arrival changes everything, bringing to light a new scheme wrought by the remnant of Zirtan's men.
Finding herself witness to a shocking act of treachery, Makilien is thrust into the very center of the dangerous plans. Trust is something she must give carefully as those who appear trustworthy fail even as those she would least expect could hold the key to success. Can she and those around her secure their safety and freedom or will they find themselves outwitted by their enemy's final act of dominance?

About the Author (from Amazon)

Molly Evangeline is the oldest of three, all of whom are homeschool graduates. Since graduating she has actively pursued her writing career and is the author of the historical adventure series Pirates & Faith. She currently lives with her family in Wisconsin where she continues to focus on her writing and other creative endeavors.

O.Scarlett! REVIEW by Kendra

After receiving and reviewing the first two books of the trilogy, I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation for book three. When it came out, it had a special introductory kindle price of 99 cents, and I just happened to have 99 cents in my Amazon gift card balance … so I snatched it up. I had it read within twenty-four hours. (The only book I can claim to have read within twenty-four hours its release)

And it's taken me … ten months to get around to writing the review. I really need to get on the ball with this reviewing business.

I approached this book with much trepidation. On one hand I already loved the world and most of the characters, and I really wanted to know what was up with the cliff hanger ending … but it was the last book in the trilogy, and I didn't want it to end. Also, I was left with a blah taste in my mouth from the last book's repetitiveness … and I didn't want to read the same book for the third time in a row.

I needn't have worried. This book was delightfully new, different, surprising, amazing, wonderful, and I'd almost come to like Makilien by the end of the book.

The book begins a year after the events of Courage. Unlike the previous two books, it began not in Reylaun, but in Elimar, where Makilien and Vonawyn are hiding behind a tree while strange men are shooting at them.

And they had thought the battle was over.

Things make even less sense when they discover that the orders given to the men are signed with a "V" rather than the "Z" that would have pointed to Zirtan. Someone is putting Zirtan's army back together and pestering them again.

On a more personal and emotional level, Makilien is still, after a year, trying to get over the fact that they hadn't been able to find a certain someone at the end of the great battle at the end of Courage. What's worse is that, just as she was beginning to accept that he has died, she has begun waking up in the middle of the night with strong urges to pray for him.

The plot twists in this book were amazing. Every time I thought I had everything figured out, it would take a new turn and I was left gasping for air. And every time it made complete sense! 

As for Characters, despite the fact that I never connected with Makilien, everyone else was superb. There were many old faces, many new faces, and no one felt out of place or forced upon me. One new person was the identical twin to one of the old characters a twist I absolutely loved. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I love twins.

As for romance, Makilien's was beautiful. As for the other two, the one I had known about from book two still left me unsatisfied. I hadn't seen them together enough in Courage and they didn't get a single moment together in Trust until the epilogue. The new one, however, was sweet and sad. I hope he someday realizes that he can have a happily ever after, even if he had been a force for evil for so long. There was another one hinted at, and I liked the hint, but I would have preferred to see her and her people in person. Guess there wasn't time for it. And there are two characters that I strongly suspect will fall in love when she gets older. She's still seven right now, but he's an elf, so there's time.

My hugest qualm with this book is that the Jesus character, who had been so important in book one, received only one or two mentions. I admired the theme of trusting in God, or Elohim, but I would have liked His Son to have received more credit.

But everything else, every twist, every new character, every part of the theme of Trust was amazing. It was a perfect conclusion to the trilogy, and while I'd like more, I don't think the author plans to write more ... which is a pity unless you consider the fact that her upcoming Ilyon series is going to be twice as long and thrice as exciting!

Note: Highly recommended for teen girls who love fantasy but don't want the magic so often prevalent in the genre.

Genre/Theme: Christian Allegory, Fantasy, Adventure

Reading Level: TEEN - upper elementary to middle school 
Profanity: NONE - no offensive language 
Sexuality: NONE - I think I remember some kissing, but that was it.
As with the former two books, there's war going on. People get killed trough various methods (including poisons), people are tortured, whipped, made slaves. It can be quite frightening at times.

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