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Molly Evangeline - Truth

The Makilien Trilogy

By Molly Evangeline

Kindle Edition Available 

Product Description (from Amazon) 

Trapped in a village no one is allowed to leave, Makilien yearns for the answers to her questions about life and the world outside the village walls. Yet no one but her closest friend seems to understand or share her desire. Despite her family's fears and warnings of the consequences, she is determined to find answers.

The unexpected arrival of a stranger, and the knowledge he possesses, drives Makilien to drastic action. Confronted with a world she knows nothing about, she must choose carefully who to trust as both good and evil lurk in all places. As a battle looms, one in which will be determined the fate of all, she must decide whether to believe in the One who is truth or fall prey to the lies of the enemy.

About the Author (from Amazon)

Molly Evangeline is the oldest of three, all of whom are homeschool graduates. Since graduating she has actively pursued her writing career and is the author of the historical adventure series Pirates & Faith. She currently lives with her family in Wisconsin where she continues to focus on her writing and other creative endeavors.

O.Scarlett! REVIEW by Kendra

I discovered Molly Evangeline going through the “people who purchased books by this author also purchased books by these authors” list on my own amazon author page. Looking at her book list, and her background, I really wanted to read her books so that I could review them.

So I added her blog to my google reader, and went about my daily life.

Then she posted on her blog a post for volunteers to read and review her books, and that she would send the volunteers a free book. I sent her an email at once volunteering to read Truth, the first book in her fantasy trilogy

And I’m glad I did!

The story is allegorical to the spiritual struggle of God’s people against the evils of the world. It begins with Makilien in her village of Reylaun. She has spent her whole life in this village, as did her parents before her, and their parents before them. In fact, one is not allowed to leave the village without the escort of the black guards that guard the city. It is claimed that this is for their safety, but Makilien has her doubts. She believes that there is more to it than the stories that are told to scare them, but she can’t get anyone else to believe her.

Cue a stranger to visit the village. He is the first stranger Makilien has ever seen, and has been instructed to not talk to anyone or stir up trouble. So, since he may have the answers she seeks, she talks to him.

He confirms that what she has been told all her life was, indeed, lies, and to meet him the next morning so that he can tell her more. Unfortunately, he’s arrested before then.

So she decides to run away and see the outside world for herself.

What she finds is world that, though it is dangerous, the danger is from the people who were supposedly keeping her safe. She meets new friends and becomes involved in a war that she had no idea even existed.

The world that Molly has painted has the magic of both Middle Earth and Narnia plus a magic all its own. The telling is slightly stiff at first, but soon I found it enchanting, the scenes playing out vividly in my head. I only had three bumps in the road from awkward wording.

I loved the Christian Allegory in this book, and how it was handled. As Makilien goes through her journey, her new friends introduce her to Elohim, about whom she has her doubts. How can she believe in something she can’t see? Later she meets Manian … who was masterfully done.

In fact, the only issues I have with the book was that Makilien seemed to lack a feminine side. Personally, the story might have been better had there been a young man in the position of main character. I got the impression from this world that, while it is allowed for women to fight, it doesn’t happen very often, since Vonawyn says that she had once had the option of fighting, and chainmail had been made for her. Now, while I don’t have anything against women fighting, I like there to be good reason, other than simply, she wanted to. I probably would not have had as great an issue if there were mentions of other women in the fight, beyond the female dragon.

Also, some of the characters seemed cookie-cutter and flat, such as Loron. This came of too many characters in too short of the book. However, there are two more books in the trilogy, so both of these issues may be resolved.

This book is definitely now on my list of favorite books. I highly recommend it, and can’t wait to read the next two books.

Genre/Theme: Christian allegory, fantasy, adventure

Reading Level:  TEEN - upper elementary to middle school
Profanity:  NONE - no offensive language, except for the mention of some of the bad guys cursing
Sexuality:  NONE - not even hinted at
Other: There is quite a bit of fighting, both with swords and bows. Enemies get burned alive by the three dragons, and Makilien gets bit twice, once by a wolf, and later by a goblin.

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